Seminar #200–5:  Advanced Safety Development Program For Supervision (5 Days)
Supervisors have the most difficult job on the planet. Too many meetings, too many deadlines, too many requirements and incidentally they also have to supervise people that report to them. Most are ill equipped with the knowledge and skills needed in today’s economy.

Attendees will be able to differentiate between today’s ineffective traditional safety management techniques and what’s really needed to resolve what’s on each supervisor’s plate. They will no longer rely on the numerous false assumptions that are prevalent in the safety decision process.

Attendees will learn advanced techniques and the skills to perform more effectively which in turn will save time and free them up to do more of what they should be focused on. More information

Seminar #201–1: Hazard Recognition & Positive Intervention Techniques For Managers & Supervision (1 Day)
How do you positively motivate an employee caught committing an unsafe act? Most supervisors and managers lack this critical skill. This course is designed to establish and improve advanced skill levels for auditing the workplace and creating an environment which will motivate employees to work safer more often. Attendees will not only increase their audit effectiveness but also improve employee attitudes, build morale and improve relationships. More information

Seminar #202–1: Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Training (1 Day)
This seminar is geared to uncover the knowledge and skills needed to perform an effective job safety analysis. Attendees will learn the basic concepts of a JSA, its development process and its function as part of an overall safety program. Attendees will also enhance their knowledge and skills for conducting audits and performing risk assessments and analysis. More information

Seminar #203–1:  Highly Effective Accident & Incident Investigation Techniques (1 Day)
Too often accident and incident investigations are not performed properly resulting in valuable insight and critical information forever lost. This course goes way beyond the traditional filling in blanks on a form; it incorporates understanding employee motivation, circumstances and behavior prior to the incident, the key elements of an effective investigation and how to establish consistency and positive outcomes. More information


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