Robert F. Ryan has been in the environmental, health and safety profession since 1980. He is a recognized global expert in Behavior-based Safety (BBS) and Performance Management. He has custom-designed continuous improvement programs seminars and workshops and directed numerous company safety and health culture transformations for the last 29 years. He currently sits as president of Safety Metrics Inc., specializing in helping companies become more effective and profitable in managing safety. He has worked with clients around the world including the Middle East, Europe, Canada and the Far East.

Prior to 2000, he was president of Behavioral Safety Systems and Ryan and Associates. As an EH&S consultant, Robert worked with BASF Corporation on 15 different locations wherein he provided safety and health consulting and custom designed training services for creating injury-free safety cultures. Through his expertise, BASF’s overall safety performance such as injury reduction, improved over 75%, employee awareness to safety improved by 85%, and efficiency of resource allocation improved by 55%.

Robert also worked in the corporate culture serving as Safety and Health Manager for Rodel Inc. where he was tasked to establish a continuous safety improvement process and train all managers and supervisors on how to effectively manage human performance and safety. Here he worked to reduce lost-time injuries by 45% which contributed to Rodel being awarded the ‘Environmental Company of the Year’ by the Delaware Chamber of Commerce.

After Rodel Inc., Robert continued his career working in Brand Environmental Services as EH&S Regional Manager where he was responsible in overseeing all projects covering an 11 state region. Here he implemented a new approach to safety, designing performance effectiveness measurement protocols. In only 18 months, his efforts helped reduce injuries 96%, (from 292 to 12) and saved over $4 million in Worker’s Compensation claims.

Robert is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Certified OSHA General Industry Instructor. He boasts an extensive global training development and application experience. Aside from his above mentioned expertise, he was also trained in Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management (TQM), Five-S, and Safety Management Systems (SMS). He is a regular presenter at American Society of


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