Seminar #303–5:  OSHA’S 30 Hour General Industry Safety Training (5 Days)

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Course Overview

This intensive course was created to support OSHA safety initiatives, enhance OSHA compliance, and protect employee health and safety

This 30-hour general industry safety training course covers all the important issues with the Federal Government’s Occupational Safety and Health Act, (OSHA). Over 5 days, your trainer will thoroughly explore hazard identification, prevention, and mitigation, as well as OSHA’s complex standards, criteria, and requirements. Often times when a standard or interpretation of what the Government requires is left to an untrained individual, it can be confusing and difficult to identify the correct standard. This misinformation can lead to serious citations and unnecessary fines.

Our trainer will take the “mystery” out of these standards and provide the right methodology that is easy to understand and grasp. As a result, you’ll comprehend more, remember more, and be better-equipped to apply what you’ve learned once you’ve returned to the workplace.

The end result will enable you to create safety training and support programs that are in alignment with the right standards and be able to identify and eliminate hazards and unhealthy situations. This course is interactive, well-balanced, interesting, and most of all effective.

Protect your employees from on-the-job hazards, and your organization from costly fines and penalties.

This training will give you the practical, hands-on experience you need to pinpoint hidden or overlooked safety and health issues, address them, and become fully compliant with OSHA’s general industry standards. Your organization will benefit financially as workers become more productive while less time is lost to injury and illness. The likelihood of hefty penalties and fines levied against you for non-compliance will lessen as well.

Who Should Attend?

This intensive training is perfect for those professionals responsible for occupational health and safety initiatives, OSHA compliance, and OSHA records and retention, including:

• Building and facility managers
• Health and safety managers
• Human resources personnel
• Business owners
• Managers and supervisors
• Warehouse managers
• Team leaders
• Legal counsel
• Insurance professionals
• Workers’ compensation administrators
• Maintenance professionals

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover:

• Ensure that you are in full compliance with OSHA’s latest rules, regulations, and updates

• Protect your organization from costly fines, penalties, and legal action due to OSHA non-compliance issues

• Identify and eliminate hazards, address health concerns, and create a safer environment for your employees

• Gain valuable information to help maintain safety standards, establish company-wide “buy-in,” and create effective training programs

• Boost your organization’s bottom line – reduce absenteeism, increase productivity, minimize on-the-job injuries, and reduce insurance premiums and workers’ comp claims

• OSHA inspections – what to expect, how to prepare, abatement procedures

• Establish an effective record-keeping and retention program

Enroll now to keep your business and your employees healthy and thriving!

Once you’ve attended this course, you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have the information, knowledge, and experience needed to protect your employees from all types of workplace hazards – and your business from incurring costly fines and penalties. By creating a healthy, safe work environment, you are generating the good will that results in long-term commitment to your organization.

Enhance Your Training Experience
Attend this seminar with a friend or colleague! Forward this information to your colleagues; together you can support one another and apply your new skills and techniques to meet your goals.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
We’re confident that this seminar will provide you with skills and necessary information you can use to improve the level of safety in your workplace. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, send us a letter within 30 days of your seminar attendance stating the reason you were not satisfied, and we’ll arrange for you to attend another one of our seminars or receive a full refund — hassle-free. All of our Seminars are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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