Safety Metrics Inc. is totally and completely committed to provide extremely useful seminars and workshops incorporating knowledge and practical skills for improving attendees’ professional safety skills and safety cultures. This is directly accomplished through the use of adult learning methods and high levels of class participation all in an enjoyable and memorable environment.

Guiding Principles:

1. Provide practical, useful and relevant Information
2. Provide more value than expected
3. 100% satisfaction

Company Philosophy

All accidents and injuries can be dramatically reduced and eventually eliminated when all employees at all levels have personal ownership for safety and work in an environment of positive reinforcement and personal recognition. Also, we affirm that continuous improvement can be achieved in any safety culture when key cultural elements are operationally defined, with established smart goals and progress continuously and correctly measured and tracked.

SMI’s Money Back Guarantee

Safety Metrics Inc. provides the most effective safety training programs world-wide. We guarantee that our training workshops and programs will equip you with practical and meaningful tools and techniques that will help you elevate your safety culture to the next level. If you are not absolutely satisfied with your training experience, and you believe the instructors or associated materials do not meet your expectations, please notify us in writing within 10 days of the class. We will be happy to issue a refund or arrange for you to attend another Safety Metrics training seminar or workshop for free. GUARANTEED!


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