Seminar #101-4:  Leadership-Based Safety For Managers and Supervisors (4 Days)

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In our increasingly complex world and global economy, the need for good leadership has never been greater. In fact, effective leadership is crucial to the success of any organization. But what is an effective leader in the safety arena? This four-day highly interactive seminar is designed for those in leadership to increase their leadership knowledge, understanding and skill sets in an entirely new way that will dramatically increase the value they bring to their company and their safety culture.

Now you can dramatically improve your chances of success in leadership roles concerning your EH&S culture. You’ve heard of ‘Behavior-based Safety’, ‘Top-down’ and ‘Bottom-up’ Safety, or Employee-driven Safety and even ‘People-based Safety’. Now there is a new and unique approach that transcends them all; ‘Leadership-based Safety’.

Benefits of Attending

• Gain practical instruction on transforming your present management methods to new, more effective and proven leadership methods

• Be able to define and provide the right leadership for the 10 intangible elements of every safety culture

• Impact employee behavior and your safety culture with new insight and meaningful contributions

• Be better equipped to develop a vision and action plan for safety

• Inspire others to follow your company’s vision and mission for desired outcomes

• Improve your ability to transform yourself into an extraordinary leader of safety to get better results more expediently

• Enable you to confidently make better choices and decisions

• Increase your ability to receive a greater amount of resources you need to meet your goals

• Empower and foster better collaboration with your employees

• Bring more to the table during strategy and goal making sessions

What You Will Learn

• The Effective Laws of Leadership and how to apply them in your EH&S culture

• The 5 Myths of Leadership and how to avoid their pitfalls

• Your personal ‘Leadership Style’

• When to apply the 6 Models of Leadership Style and understand their limitations

• How your Emotional Intelligence affects getting the results you want

• The 5 Key Leadership Skills necessary to lead your safety culture

• How Behavior Based Safety is a critical component to true leadership

• How to assess your current safety efforts to enhance the BBS process

• How to design the most effective BBS approach for your culture

• How to better analyze human performance problems

• This cutting-edge approach is so powerful that it is predicted that it soon will be the leading and most sought after approach to elevate safety cultures around the world.

Who Should Attend?

This unique and interactive seminar is designed for anyone involved with the function and administration of safety; i.e.

• Executive Management
• Line Managers
• Operations and Line supervisors
• Safety professionals and supervisors
• Safety Coordinators
• Committee members


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