Interested in providing your employees and associates with inspirational as well as meaningful and relevant information for them to work safer? We offer one of the most energetic and inspirational speakers in the safety field.

Robert Ryan, President of Safety Metrics, has been a motivational and guest speaker for over 25 years. His work experience as an engineer in a variety of industries and his association with executive staffs around the globe has provided him unique insights into many safety cultures, management styles, decision making, creative ideas and concepts. His passion for the safety and well being of all employees coupled with his engaging and entertaining presentation style is contagious.

If you need an outstanding keynote speaker for your next business meeting or special corporate engagement, choose Robert Ryan; you won’t be disappointed. He guarantees it!

“Robert was refreshing as well as inspirational for our work teams. We were all motivated to commit to the higher road of working safer every day. He not only gave us insight into why we do unsafe actions, we also were given a practical method of changing our attitudes to work better as a team. I would recommend Robert to any company who needs an inspiring message.”
– Ops Manager ~ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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