#202–1:  Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Training (1 Day)

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Course Overview

In this 1 day seminar you will learn to understand job-safety-hazard analysis (JSA), its basic concepts, its development process and its function as part of an overall safety program. Through classroom instruction, individual workshop and break out sessions that utilize real life examples, attendees will enhance their knowledge and skills for conducting audits, risk analysis and of course JSA’s.

Who Should Attend?

• Operation and Safety Managers
• New and seasoned line supervisors
• Accident investigation team members
• Safety Trainers
• Safety Auditors

Benefits of Attending

Participants attending the program will:

• Have a clear understanding of the importance of having JSA’s

• Be familiar with the format and key components of JSA’s

• Understand basic accident theory and root causes of injuries

• Be able to perform observation techniques for JSA’s

• Assist with new supervisor training

• Help improve accident and incident investigations


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