Seminar #100-5:  How To Create And Sustain A Highly Effective Safety Culture (5 Days)

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Course Overview

This 5 day highly interactive seminar and workshop is designed to increase your knowledge, understanding and skill sets that will allow for the development of a highly effective safety culture. To achieve this result, there are three vital requirements for their attainment. The three requirements that must be in place and working simultaneous with each other are your methods of managing your safety programs, the way you measure the effectiveness of your safety programs, and the proper development of positive motivation of your employees in your work environment.

These three key requirements will enable you to surpass your previous results and increase the effectiveness of every safety and health program that you have in place. This unique systematic and proven approach has been responsible for dramatic changes in safety improvements and has positively impacted safety cultures around the world.

Benefits of Attending

Participants attending the program will:

• Learn how to measure effectiveness of programs and safety initiatives

• Become skilled at operationally defining desired outputs and outcomes

• Understand the importance and evaluate the impact of training programs

• Create an environment that will produce positive outcomes without having to resort to threats or punishment to get work done

• Have the skill to monitor and measure the success or lack of success for all programs and committees

• Understand why measures of effectiveness are more important than activity based measures

• Learn how to motivate employees to be more effective at their work

Who Should Attend?

This course is for anyone involved and responsible for the creating, the managing or the maintaining of a safety culture, i.e.:

• Executive Management
• Line Managers
• Operations and Line supervisors
• Safety professionals and supervisors
• Safety Coordinators
• Committee members


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