Seminar #203–1:  Highly Effective Accident and Incident Investigation Techniques (1 Day)

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Course Overview

Designed to utilize human behavior and motivational factors in the investigation and resolution of accidents and incidents.

This highly interactive 1 day workshop will give you an astonishing new way to look at how incidents occur, what lies behind every injury and the most effective ways to prevent recurrence.

What You Will Learn

• What are the key elements in conducting an effective investigation

• What new techniques are available to complete an investigation

• How to establish consistency and reliability with the investigative process

• How to move beyond traditional ways to uncover root and secondary causes

• How to identify various motivational factors of influence

• How to identify non-typical sources of workplace hazards

• How to positively intervene with employees

• How to measure the effectiveness of an investigation

This 1 day course is designed for those involved in performing accident and incident investigations and desire to improve the effectiveness of their outcomes. This course goes way beyond the traditional filling in blanks on a form; it incorporates understanding employee motivation, circumstances and behavior prior to the incident, the key elements of an effective investigation and how to establish consistency and positive outcomes. Attendees will increase their knowledge needed to improve their investigation skills and perform various mock investigations.

Ask yourself about your incident investigation team members:

• Do they have a common understanding of human behavior and motivation?

• Do they lack the skills to properly recognize primary and secondary causes of accidents and incidents?

• Do the same incidents occur over and over?

• Do employees feel that the investigations are more like a witch hunt than a learning experience?

• Are investigations performed where employees feel positive about the experience?

• Are the proper forms being filled out accurately, on time and to your company’s standards?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this course is a must!


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