#201–1: Hazard Recognition And Positive Intervention Techniques For Managers And Supervision (1 Day)

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Course Overview

Objective – To increase audit effectiveness, improve employee attitudes, build morale and improve relationships during audits and workplace inspections

Many employees unfortunately perceive audits as a negative part of the safety program. Unless trained, audit team members lack the skills to recognize unsafe conditions, non-compliance issues and motivational factors driving employee performance. Because of their undeveloped skills, the same items re-appear audit after audit. Typically, whenever an employee is ‘caught’ committing an unsafe act by an auditor, the employee will develop a negative attitude which can affect the entire safety culture. Employees often discontinue performing at-risk behaviors while being observed by auditors and continue as soon as the observer leaves. The auditor then falsely believes that their observations were of safe behaviors. Even when auditors observe an unsafe act, they are ineffective at being able to intervene properly and need to properly reinforce desired behaviors.

What You Will Learn

• How and why people get injured

• How to identify the sources of workplace hazards

• Key criteria for effective audits and inspections

• What really motivates employees to work unsafe or safe

• Skills necessary for an effective audit and workplace inspection

• How to positively intervene with employees

• How different behavior-based approaches impact employee behaviors

• How to measure audit effectiveness

Participants will increase their knowledge and skills needed to dramatically improve their inspection and audit programs. They will also learn, when observing employees committing unsafe acts, how to change their undesired behaviors to safe behaviors. In addition, they will be able to change employee’s negative attitudes to positive attitudes while building better relationships in the process. The information covered in this day will compliment existing safety audit and inspection programs and dramatically enhance interpersonal skills needed in today’s fast-paced and sometimes impersonal work environment. This course is designed for audit team members, supervisors, managers or anyone responsible for maintaining a safe work environment


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