Seminar #301–1:  Hazcom Training (1 Day)

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Course Overview

In this 1 day seminar you will learn about OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard CFR 29 1910.1200, or ‘Right to Know’ . Your work environment as well as your home life can expose you to hazardous chemicals that although may make life easier can be detrimental to your health or to a loved one’s health. This program will provide a better understanding of working near or handling hazardous chemicals whether at work or at home. You will be able to maintain a high quality of life without increasing your exposure to harmful chemicals. You have the ‘Right to Know’ what they are.

Who Should Attend?

• All employees that are potentially exposed to or handle hazardous chemicals
• Executive Management
• Operation and Safety Managers
• Line supervisors

Benefits of Attending

• Participants attending the program will:Have a clear understanding of how to better protect their health

• Be familiar with how to safely handle hazardous chemicals

• How to avoid exposure to hazardous chemicals

• What to do in case of exposure to hazardous chemicals

• Be able to evaluate the effectiveness of a Hazard Communication Program


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