Seminar #300-5:  Basics Of Effective Safety Management (5 Days)
Are you are being considered or currently in a safety management or safety supervisory position? Do you have the knowledge and skills to undertake all the responsibilities tossed your way? In today’s economy, just ‘winging it’ doesn’t cut it anymore. Even though you may feel that your position is a good fit for what you’re passionate about you may be lacking some of the fundamentals of the principles and techniques of safety management.

What’s most disappointing is that many people in these positions do not receive any significant or in-depth training to maximize their efforts and realize success. The trial and error method is the ‘default choice’ for those lacking the proper skills. For many it is a continuous fire drill.

If this sounds familiar to you and you would like to be better grounded in the latest techniques as well as become more effective in your career, this course is a must for you. More information

eminar #301-1:  Hazcom Training  (1 Day)

OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard CFR 29 1910.1200, or ‘Your Right to Know’ regulations have undergone some new additions and need to become integrated into every company’s training regime. Knowing these latest changes can enhance your company’s work environment. This program will provide a better understanding of what must be done when working near or handling hazardous chemicals whether at work or at home. Increase your safety knowledge to reduce potential exposures to harmful chemicals. More information

Seminar #302-2:  OSHA’S 10 Hour General Industry Safety Training (2 Days)

This 10-hour general industry safety training course covers all the important issues with the Federal Government’s Occupational Safety and Health Act, (OSHA). This training is a good foundation for all employees to have a working knowledge of the very basics of OSHA’s requirements. More information

Seminar #303-5:  OSHA’S 30 Hour General Industry Safety Training (5 Days)

We take the ‘mystery’ out of the OSHA standards and provide the information that makes these standards easy to understand and grasp. Attendees will have the ability to comprehend more, remember more, and be better-equipped to apply what they’ve learned immediately back in their workplace.

This training seminar and workshop will enable anyone to create more effective safety training and support programs that are in alignment with the right standards and be able to identify and eliminate hazards and unhealthy situations. This course is interactive, well-balanced, interesting, and most of all effective. More information


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