Seminar #102-3:  Employee-Driven Safety Excellence – A Process For Continuous Safety Improvement (3 Days)

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Course Overview

This hands-on, roll-up your sleeves, 3 day workshop is GUARANTEED to increase safe work performance.

Attendees will be provided with an insightful view, a working knowledge and practical tools on how to improve and sustain record-breaking safety performance across their work sites.

Easy Implementation
SMI have developed a unique, user-friendly safety improvement process that will help you achieve unprecedented reductions in injury performance within as little as 3-6 months after implementation. We have found that nothing can help you achieve safety improvement more quickly, more efficiently and more permanently, than by changing what you measure and pay attention to. For these new safety measures to be effective in motivating people, they must be positive, proactive and reflective of safety success within your culture.

Beyond Behavior-based Safety
This training workshop will provide the understanding and the practical tools on how to go far beyond the popular ‘behavior-based’ and ‘people-based’ programs that are being touted today. This ‘systems approach’ will teach you how to recognize the drivers of your company’s cultures; the corporate culture, the worksite culture and the employee’s sub-cultures. This understanding coupled with the knowledge on how to engage employees at all levels with an accountability system will transform their unsafe habits to form new, safer and more productive habits.

Involves All Employees
Employees at all levels of the organization will be involved with the process of new safe habit formation. This includes management and supervision on all shifts and in all departments. This process will measure safe work performance on a daily basis without the laborious and ineffective worker observation process. This process when successfully implemented, has dramatically reduced accidents and injuries when employees have personal ownership for safety and work in an environment of positive reinforcement and personal recognition. Also, we affirm that continuous improvement can be achieved in any safety culture when key cultural elements are operationally defined, goals established and improvement continuously tracked.

Tools for Success
Attendees will be supplied all the necessary tools to implement this continuous improvement process at their site. The tools supplied include an Instructors’ manual, a student manual, and various types of scorecards.

Benefits of Attending

• Dramatically reduces accidents and injuries within 90 days

• Your return on investment is realized within 9-12 months

• Easily adapts to all types of cultures

• Improves efficiency and effectiveness of safety programs

• Saves you time, $ and valuable resources

• Implementation easily learned

• Progress and process measured quickly

• Employees held accountable at all levels

It’s simple, extremely effective and affordable by anyone who is serious in creating a true culture of safety.

What You Will Learn

As a result of attending in this fast paced interactive seminar and workshop, you will learn how our Employee Driven Safety Process:

1. Provides real employee ownership for safety

2. Improves employee’s safety attitudes

3. Motivates employee’s to work safer

4. Increases pride in safety

5. Increases awareness to work safely

6. Adds significant value to the safety culture

7. Improves Preparation and Pre-Planning

8. Increases employee participation in safety

9. Demonstrates management’s and supervision’s support for safety in a positive way

10. Creates Continuous Improvement in Safety

Who Should Attend?

This unique and interactive seminar and hands-on workshop is designed for anyone involved with the function and administration of safety;  i.e.

• Executive Management
• Line Managers
• Operations and Line supervisors
• Safety professionals and supervisors
• Safety Coordinators
• Safety Committee members


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