Seminar #104-3:  Developing Leading Metrics and KPI’s for Safety (3 Days)

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Course Overview

Objective – To Develop Effective Metrics

You will learn what makes safety measures effective and gain an understanding of the role that leading and lagging measures play. You also learn how to distinguish outcomes from outputs and activities from accomplishments. During this workshop you will be taught techniques for creating the right metrics for your safety culture. If you perform safety training, investigate accidents, conduct audits, perform housekeeping inspections, have a safety suggestion program, provide safety incentives, etc., this workshop will allow you to create new measures of safety performance and help you to immediately move beyond activity-based measures to a more positive and proactive safety culture.

Whether you want to create a more positive and motivating safety culture, gauge the effectiveness of existing programs and initiatives, or increase the frequency of employee safe work practices, this workshop will prepare you to develop leading indicators of safety success and take you beyond accidents, incidents and activity-based metrics.

What You Will Learn

• Why measures of outputs are more important than activity-based measures

• Understand the role that leading and lagging measures play

• Techniques for creating the right metrics

• What makes safety measures effective

• How to operationally define desired outputs for safety initiatives and activities

• How to develop and apply simple measurement and feedback systems for gauging effectiveness for all your safety programs and initiatives

• How to integrate new metrics into safety goals, objectives and performance appraisals

• Learn how to distinguish outcomes from outputs and activities from accomplishments

This intensive 3 day workshop will provide attendees with the tools to dramatically improve safety performance in all aspects of EH&S across their organization.

What Are You Measuring?

Nothing can help you achieve success more quickly, more efficiently and more permanently, than by changing what you measure and pay attention to. If you believe the quote by Edwards Deming, “What gets measured, gets managed” to be true; then it is also the case that if you’re not measuring it, you’re not managing it. The next question is: are you measuring safety or the lack of safety? If you are relying on the tracking of lagging measures to mange your EH&S programs, isn’t it time that you create the more appropriate leading measures so that you can manage your resources more effectively and efficiently?


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