Seminar #103-2:  Behavior-Based Safety; How To Differentiate The Three Most Common Approaches And Apply The Most Effective (2 Days)

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Course Overview

This two day course will cover advanced elements of safety management that will go beyond traditional behavior-based management methods and thought processes. Equipped with this information, your managers and supervisors will be more effective in managing the process of safety. They will learn new cutting edge information and application skills that will forever change the way safety is managed and implemented at their work site.

Learn the secrets to transforming the present safety culture into a more positive and effective one. The required knowledge and skills will be identified, discussed and demonstrated. Once engaged, employees change unsafe habits and risk taking into safe and less risky behaviors.

Overall, this two day workshop will stimulate managers and supervisors with new thinking and new methods that will enable positive safety culture transformation to be realized and sustained.

Benefits of Attending

• Learn and understand the similarities and differences of the common types of Behavior-based Safety (BBS) approaches and assess their strengths and weaknesses.

• Enable you to choose the right BBS approach that will complement your safety culture

• Integrate a sustainable Behavior-based Safety system within your organization to ensure zero occurrence of accidents and/or injuries

• Gain not only the top managements buy-in but also all your employees in the successful implementation of an effective BBS process

• Assess your existing safety initiatives and equip yourselves with real-world actionable tools needed to dramatically raise safety performance within any culture

What You Will Learn

• Understanding Human Behavior and Performance Motivation

• Exposing the Weaknesses in Creating and Sustaining a True Safety Culture using Observation Audits

• Determine the most effective Behavior-based Safety Approach


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