Seminar #300-5:  Basics of Effective Safety Management (5 Days)

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Course Overview

This 5 day course will cover the basics of safety management, traditional management methods and new, leading edge techniques. This workshop will start with reviewing the basic requirements from OSHA, address the skills for evaluating the effectiveness of any safety program at your workplace and end on applying what you’ll learn to identify workplace hazards, improve your observation skills, providing positive reinforcement and how to properly conduct accident investigations.

You will learn the 10 most common ways employees are injured to the determining of what programs should be included in every successful safety culture. Attendees will receive an overview of the origin and purpose of OSHA standards and the outline of the duties and responsibilities for managers, supervisors and employees regarding safety.

This seminar will also show how to develop a systems approach for building the foundation of a strong and continuous improving safety culture. Attendees will learn what elements constitute a safety culture and how to increase their effectiveness through the use of measurement. They will learn and how to assess and prioritize risks and how to conduct effective audits and incident investigations. Other topics include formation of safety committees, holding effective safety communication meetings, the pitfalls of training and the proper use of safety incentive programs.

Benefits of Attending

Participants attending the program will:

• Be better prepared for evaluating safety performance without using trailing measures such as injuries

• Be able to create effective dashboards of leading metrics for evaluating safety performance

• Not fall into the common traps for misusing incentive programs that create non-reporting of incidents, injuries and accidents

• Be able to continually improve and build on the foundation of a solid safety culture platform

• Increase their confidence in making the right decisions for advancing safety while understanding risks

Who Should Attend?

• Operation managers
• Newly appointed Safety supervisors
• Line supervisors
• Committee team members
• Safety Trainers
• Safety Auditors


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