Seminar #100-5:  How To Create And Sustain A Highly Effective Safety Culture (5 Days)
Dramatically increase your knowledge, understanding and skill sets for developing the highly effective safety culture you envision. Achieving this ultimate result is not done through trial and error or copying another company’s programs. It takes tenacity and persistence with the right tools and methods. You will be able to make effective step-changes in all your safety and health programs that will see measurable results in a relatively short time frame while on your successful journey to realize your company’s goals.  More information

Seminar #101-4:  Leadership-Based Safety For Managers And Supervisors (4 Days)
Effective leadership is crucial to the success of any organization. In our increasingly complex world and global economy, the need for good leadership has never been greater. But what is an effective leader in the safety arena? This four-day highly interactive seminar is designed for those in leadership to increase their leadership knowledge, understanding and skill sets in an entirely new way that will dramatically increase the value they bring to their company and their safety culture. You’ve heard of ‘Behavior-based Safety’, ‘Top-down’ and ‘Bottom-up’ Safety, or Employee-driven Safety and even ‘People-based Safety’. Now there is a new and unique approach that transcends them all: ‘Leadership-based Safety’.  More information

Seminar #102-3:  Employee-Driven Safety Excellence – A Process For Continuous Safety Improvement (3 Days)
If you could legitimately reduce your injury statistics to zero in a 12 month period would it make life easier for you? Many companies in every kind of industry have done it using our unique system and practical methods. And they did it without the use of crazy incentive programs or covering up injuries.

If you are fed-up with tracking injury statistics, having your employees getting hurt and the hassle of all the associated paperwork and wasted time, this seminar is for you. Attendees will be provided with an insightful view, a working knowledge and practical tools on how to improve and sustain record-breaking safety performance across their work sites. We have proven that our unique methodology can benefit anyone who is serious about improving their safety performance. More information

Seminar #103-2:  Behavior-Based Safety; How To Differentiate The Three Most Common Approaches And Apply The Most Effective (2 Days)
Do you know there are three, very common approaches to behavior-based safety, (BBS)? Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of each? What will be required to make it succeed? How much time will it take to start paying dividends? Or which approach is best suited to your culture?
If you want to know the answers to these questions, this seminar is specifically for you.

Learn what differentiates these three approaches and what is necessary to be in place to make the right one successful in your safety culture. The phrase ‘One size fits all’ does not work when you’re dealing with BBS. Don’t make the same mistake that hundreds of companies have already made in investing their time and money in wrongly applied behavior-based approaches. More information

Seminar #104-3:  Developing Leading Metrics And KPI’s For Safety (3 Days)
This 3 day highly interactive seminar is designed to increase your knowledge, understanding and skill sets that will dramatically increase the value of your safety and health programs.

If you desire to have a high powered and high quality safety culture, there are three new and vital requirements for their attainment. These are:

1.  You must change your present METHODS of managing your safety and health programs to a new more effective method

2.  You must change the way you presently MEASURE your safety and health programs

3.  You must change the MOTIVATION of your employees in your work environment

Just knowing that you have to do something different won’t advance your safety culture. The keys are knowing and applying the right methods, knowing what to measure and how to measure the effectiveness of your programs, and how to create the right motivation for your employees to work safer more often. Once learned and applied, this new information and skills will enable you to surpass your previous results and increase the effectiveness of every safety and health program that you have in place. This unique systematic approach, has been responsible for dramatic improvements in safety cultures around the world. More information


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