#200–5:  Advanced Safety Development Program For Supervision (5 Days)

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Course Overview

Supervisors traditionally have the most difficult assignment in a plant work environment. They have to persuade employees to work hard, maintain higher and higher production rates with fewer people, maintain constant high quality standards and do all of this without having employees injured or product and equipment damaged.

In this 5 day course, supervisors will be trained to have a more complete understanding of the importance of current safety management techniques and how they can apply them. They will receive an overview of the origin and purpose of OSHA standards and how they relate to their duties and responsibilities for safety. They will also learn how to increase their effectiveness with leading subordinates to work safer and avoid injury. This seminar will address employee behavior, attitudes and motivation and how to purposefully maintain positive attitudes during confrontations and disciplining unsafe employees.

They will learn the 10 most common ways employees are injured and how to assess and prioritize risks. Their auditing and observation skills will be enhanced so that their employees can maintain high productivity rates while continuing to perform their tasks in the safest manner possible. Attendees will also be taught how to run more effective safety meetings.

Who Should Attend?

• Operation line supervisors
• New and future supervisors
• Seasoned supervisors looking for refresher training

Benefits of Attending

Participants attending the program will:

• Increase their understanding of how to be a highly effective supervisor

• Realize the importance of their roles and responsibilities regarding safety

• Sharpen their supervisory and human behavior skills

• Become familiar with OSHA Standards and requirements

• Develop appropriate habits for auditing the work environment

• Be able to assess and prioritize risks quickly and effectively

• How to evoke positive interventions with employees

• Have a better understanding of human motivation

• Learn how to change unsafe habits to safe habits

• How to perform more effective accident and incident audits


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